Admission Requirements for Higher Education in Indonesia

The higher education of Indonesia is classified as public or private. The country has a huge number of private universities and compared to that the public universities are small in number. However, the public universities have always given a good competition in terms of the quality of education, infrastructure, etc. There exists a great competition among students to get admission in the public universities and faces a lot of difficulty as they are very less in number. There are only 75,000 seats available in public universities against 450,000 applicants who sit for the national public university entrance examination each year.

Forms of Higher Education System in Indonesia

  • Universities: For research and training in variety of discipline
  • Academies: For one particular engineering, art or applied science
  • Advanced schools: For professional education in one particular knowledge
  • Polytechnics: For practical or applied skills.
  • Institutes: It has various departments or faculties on one knowledge discipline

Entry requirements for Bachelor degree programs in Indonesia

  • Higher Secondary School Academic Transcripts
  • Secondary School Certificate of Completion or Ijazah
  • The Secondary School Certificate of Graduation or Surat Keterangan Hasil Ujian Nasional
  • Entry requirements for Master degree programs in Indonesia
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Bachelor's Diploma

The Academic Transcript is to be sent directly to TUT postal address upon the student’s request, by Higher Education Institution which awarded the degree to the student.

English Language Requirements

Indonesian language is used for the Regular Bachelor Program, but one should also have an adequate proficiency in the English language as for some departments English is a mandatory course. One must meet any one of the following requirements.

Graduates of the International Baccalaureate with the following criteria:

- Completion of English B at Standard Level with a grade of 5

- Completion of English B at Higher Level with a grade of 4 or more;

- Completion of English A2 at Higher or Standard Level;

- Completion of English A1 at Higher or Standard Level or

- TOEFL Test Score etc.

International Master Programs Entry Requirements

Given below is the master program academic requirements for international students.

Must have a Bachelor (or equivalent) degree from an accredited university.

For Economics Master Program, the applicants must possess a GRE certificate

For Accounting and Management Master's program the applicants must possess a GMAT certificate

English Language Requirements

Obtaining International TOEFL or similar test score.

For entrance exam details go to International Tests

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