Education in Indonesia

Indonesia is a beautiful island country that settles between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. Lying along the equator, the country experiences no extremes of season in both winters and summers and is either wet between October and April or dry between May and September. Indonesia comprises of no territory in the mainland Asia, but Malaysia the closest mainland country and Malay Peninsula claims on the mainland.

Compulsory Education in Indonesia

The compulsory Indonesian education consists of nine years and all Indonesian citizens must undergo six years at the elementary level and three years at the secondary level. The Islamic school doesn’t come under this and are managed by the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

Academic Year in Indonesia

The school lasts for 38 weeks on an average for the primary and secondary levels . The duration of the class for the  primary level is 30 minutes in grade 1 and grade 2, 40 minutes duration for grade 3 to grade 6, and 45 minutes duration for the junior secondary schools.

Language of Instruction in Indonesia

The classroom language of instruction in Indonesia is provided in the national Bahasa Indonesian language.

Education System in Indonesia

Primary Education
The primary education in Indonesia follows right after the pre-school that may start in a child’s third year. Most of the elementary schools in Indonesia are government run and some schools offer programs that are accelerated and compress the phase to 5 years. The Islamic education system also operates in parallel to this system of education.

Middle Education
The Middle Education is to work as a bridge between the mild paces of the elementary education followed by the senior high school which is more challenging. This system of education also guides the educator to determine a possible future direction for their students. The Islamic middle education system continues to provide an alternative.

Secondary Education
The secondary education has two different kinds providing two different streams of education. One is for those who intend to go for further studies in university and the other type is for those who want to find a job right after high school.

Vocational Education
The Vocational training for students in Indonesia are offered by the private training colleges with initiatives by the donor countries.

Tertiary Education
The Tertiary Education in Indonesia comprises of four different kinds of namely academies, polytechnics, universities and institutes. Some are privately funded, some are state controlled and some are affiliated to religious organisations.
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