Higher Education in Indonesia

The higher education of Indonesia is categorized into institutions, universities, tertiary schools (advanced), polytechnics and academies supervised by the Ministry of National Education and are classified as public or private. The institutions that are private are comparatively new to that of the public institutions that have been in operation since many years.

The Education Ministry of Indonesia in recent time has been working upon the system of higher education to solve problems such as lack of adequate space in publicly owned institutions, existence of govt bureaucracy and limited access for poor families.

Forms of Higher Education System in Indonesia

The higher education system of Indonesia can be divided into five forms:
  • Academies: The academies provide only one particular engineering, art or applied science.
  • Polytechnics: These are for providing practical or applied skills.
  • Advanced schools: Advanced schools are for professional education in one particular knowledge
  • Institutes: The institutes in Indonesia can boast of various departments or faculties on one knowledge discipline
  • Universities: The Universities in Indonesia provides research and training in variety of discipline

Public institutions in Indonesia

Out of 2,000 total institutions of higher education in Indonesia, only 30 institutions are public. The Public schools in Indonesia offer a variety of specialties and the type of education offered by these schools are regarded as of greater quality than the private institutions. Students only attend private universities in Indonesia only because of the lack of adequate space in the public universities. It is seen that there exists a lot of competition for admission to public academies, and only 20% of the students who take the entrance examination get accepted. The Private schools and even some of the public ones conduct their own tests for admission into various courses rather than depending upon the standardized test for admission.

The Tuition fees for the public schools are comparatively lower than that of the private institutions but again it varies between various institutions. With Indonesia experiencing education reforms, it is predictable that in the near future even the fee structure for public academies/universities is most likely to get higher. Some of the top institutions for higher education in Indonesia include Gadjah Mada, University of Indonesia and Bandung Institute of Technology. Apart from these top public universities, other institutions mostly don’t fulfill the western standard.

Private Universities in Indonesia

The Private institutions in Indonesia are bigger in number compared to that of the public institutions. However, the public schools are of first preference for every student as it offers a high quality system of  learning and a good study environment.
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