Indonesia as a Study Destination

With nearly 2 million square kilometers, Indonesia tops the list of countries in South East Asia both geographically and also population-wise and is almost 3 times the size of France. The country is home to some of the most beautiful islands like Bali, Irian Jaya, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Java and Sumatra which are world famous. Apart from these, there are about 17,500 smaller islands all around Indonesia. Indonesia is listed among the Next 11 countries that definitely has the potential to become one of the world’s largest economies in the 21st century.

Indonesia is an open country which has many public and private universities that keep receiving students from around the world. These Universities are known for offering the best education and are recognized in the field of research worldwide. The country can boast of a total of good 2,000 universities, where 30 institutions are public and the rest are all private institutions. The international students are given with the option to select from the wide range of subjects that are offered by these institutions. They might face a lot of competition to get into a public university, since they are less in number there exists a lot of competition to get into a public university and they are in much demand than the private ones.

Student visa for Indonesia

All international students whose dreams of studying in an Indonesian university first require a visa. The whole process of getting hold of a student visa for Indonesia comprises of three-stages. The very first process involves getting a cultural or social visit visa which helps them to travel to Indonesia. Once the student reaches Indonesia, he/she must fill up another application addressed to the Immigration Head Office to get their final student visa. They are also required to have another stay permission known as temporary or limited stay.

Choosing the right program

All international students must devote a lot of time to do proper research about the subjects offered by the Universities in Indonesia. Taking into consideration the subject, its future prospects would help the international student to choose the best programs for themselves. Be it tourism, fashion designing, language, economics or performing arts, a thorough research about the subject would help them to frame a good career.

Living Expenses in Indonesia

The living expenses for an international student in Indonesia may also vary a lot.  The capital city Jakarta is regarded as the second-most expensive city to live and pursue higher education in South East Asia right after Singapore. Hence, doing a proper research about the place and the city will help the students to choose the best option to have an address. However, the prices are lower than that of most of the western countries, and the food is especially affordable. Every student must have a proper budget and make their stay in Indonesia easy and comfortable.
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