Study and Living in Indonesia

Indonesia is a beautiful country and is an affordable study and living destination for students from around the world. Read on to know about the student tuition fees, living expenses, accommodation, public transportation, health care, cost of study and living in Indonesia.

Tuition Fees in Indonesia

In Indonesia generally there are two types of universities, which are government as well as private institutes for higher education. The fees for the government universities are very negligible, whereas the private universities have an expensive fees structure of around US $ 4500. Hence the fees structure for every university varies and it completely depends upon the type of institution you have chosen to pursue your higher education.

Living Expenses in Indonesia

Apart from the fees structure, the international students should also take care of their travelling charges, accommodation, food, gym, entertainment and many other charges which will cost them about $400-$700 monthly.

Depok is a place in Indonesia that offers a comparatively low cost of living, whereas Jakarta is another place that has a very high standard of living. For an international student, Depok is an excellent stay and is regarded as value for money. Whereas, Jakarta, though costly, offers many attractive options to offer international students. However, the cost of living again depends upon the student’s lifestyle and type of accommodation that he/she has chosen.

All Students should have with them some additional funds to pay for the initial setups, equipment, textbooks, local transport, entertainment and temporary accommodation. If one intends to do some travelling to nearby places like Bali, Sumatra or Bandung, then some extra costs in the budget should be included.

Accommodation in Indonesia

Accommodation is one of the most important things for an international student in Indonesia. Students have four types of accommodation.
  • Rented apartment
  • Paying guests
  • Rented room in a student’s residence
  • Hostel Accommodation

Student Dormitory

University of Indonesia (UI) Dormitory is also a very good option of accommodation in Indonesia. Hundreds of students who come from various places prefer UI dormitory. This is mainly for international students who have taken admission in the University of Indonesia, staying in the dormitory helps them to adapt quickly with the university environment.

Makara Lodge

It is located inside the University of Indonesia campus and is considered as one of the best place of accommodation in Depok and South Jakarta Depok. The students find it every quite and pleasant to stay in Makara lodge, since the place is surrounded by a blue lake and natural forest.

Transportation in Indonesia

The international students have a variety of transportation options. These includes:

University buses

The University of Indonesia has 13 units of campus buses which run as a means of campus transportation. The buses have their routine campus journey that starts at 7 am till 9 pm.

Bus Executive

For all outside campus activities like field research, study tour, etc., the University of Indonesia provides AC and non-AC buses which are very affordable.

Public Buses

The public buses in Indonesia are considered as the main means of transportation between different places and cities. They are much cheaper than trains and are very frequent.


Taxis are very common in Jakarta and all are A.C. taxis. Though all the taxis are metered and they are supposed to use the meter but sometimes the taxi drivers might refuse to use the meter and rather ask for a certain amount.


Trains are another very good means of transport in Indonesia when you have to travel to some other cities. It connects all the big cities in Indonesia. Hence, a student should always prefer a train if he/she wishes to travel to some other cities during University breaks or holidays. For covering long distances, the train journeys are more comfortable than a bus journey.

Health Facilities in Indonesia

The health-service infrastructure in Indonesia includes everything such as government health services, non-profit health organisations (NGOs), foreign aid, private sector and the religious organisations. All international students in Indonesia can avail the health and medical facilities, however they are not covered by any healthcare programmes under the government.
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