Academic Grading System in Indonesia

The academic grading system In Indonesia ranges from 1 - 10, where 10 being the highest grade in the scale and 1 the lowest. Get the complete details about the score scale used-
  • 1: It is lowest possible grade in the scale and the failing grade
  • 2: Failing grade
  • 3: Highest failing grade in general
  • 4: Pass grade in some subjects, a failing grade in others
  • 5: This is the highest grade for failing in some of the subjects that includes Moral Education, Religious Education and Indonesian Language)
  • 6: Pass (lowest grade for passing)
  • 7: Good
  • 8: Very good
  • 9: Outstanding (the highest common grade)
  • 10: Exceptional (It is the highest grade and is  given rarely)
After the education ministry in Indonesia has approved the Competency Based Curriculum, 0 – 100 grade points was applied in the marking system. But the pass mark differs from a subject to the other. Given below is the explanation of the grade points from 0 – 100.
  • 100: It is the highest point in the grade scale but is given rarely
  • 99-75: The student has secured passing marks in all the subjects and are above average range
  • 55-74: This range is used as a passing grade for some of the subjects. Example, to pass in one subject he/she must secure more than 69 marks, and in some other subjects they should score more than 55 to pass.
  • <54: Someone scoring less than 54 is regarded as failed and he/she must sit for a re-exam.
The student needs to repeat another year if they get a failing mark in any one of the core subjects that include Religious Education, Indonesian Language, and Mathematics or also if he/she gets a failing grade in above two non-core subjects.

Grading system in the Universities in Indonesia

The system of grading for universities in Indonesia is different and usually letters are assigned. They equate E with the numerical value 0.0 and A with 4.0. Grades such as B and A- are the intermediate grades that are also employed by some universities. Given below is the list of points and grades that describe the University grading system in Indonesia:
  • Range: 100
    Grade Letter: A
    Grade Point: 4

  • Range: 91.75
    Grade Letter: A-
    Grade Point: 3.67

  • Range: 83.25
    Grade Letter: B
    Grade Point: 3.33

  • Range: 75
    Grade Letter: B
    Grade Point: 3

  • Range: 66.75
    Grade Letter: B-
    Grade Point: 2.67

  • Range: 58.25
    Grade Letter: C
    Grade Point: 2.33

  • Range: 50
    Grade Letter: C
    Grade Point: 2

  • Range: 41.75
    Grade Letter: C-
    Grade Point: 1.67

  • Range: 33.25
    Grade Letter: D
    Grade Point: 1.33

  • Range: 25
    Grade Letter: D
    Grade Point: 1

  • Range: 16.75
    Grade Letter: D-
    Grade Point: 0.67

  • Range: 8.25
    Grade Letter: E
    Grade Point: 0.33

  • Range: 0
    Grade Letter: E
    Grade Point: 0
D or 1 point is usually the lowest grade for passing an examination for students pursuing graduation and one should attain a minimum 2.00 GPA. Another important thing is that the universities can use different system for grading at their own will. Some of those institutions that use their own grade are Airlangga University, Bandung Institute of Technology and Tenth of November Institute of Technology. Since 2009, they began to use half grades such as CD (1.50), BC (2.50) and AB (3.50).
  • Range: 85-100
    Grade Letter: A
    Grade Point: 4
    Notes: Very good

  • Range: 75-84
    Grade Letter: B
    Grade Point: 3
    Notes: Good

  • Range: 60-74
    Grade Letter: C
    Grade Point: 2
    Notes: Fair

  • Range: 50-59
    Grade Letter: D
    Grade Point: 1
    Notes: Bad

  • Range: 0-49
    Grade Letter: E
    Grade Point: 0
    Notes: Fail

  • Grade Letter: K
    Notes: Do not fulfill the requirements

  • Grade Letter: T
    Notes: Unavailable
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