Student Visa for Indonesia

Indonesia is a country with around 2000 higher education institutions that receive students globally and are recognized for research worldwide. The cost of living for international students in Indonesia varies a lot and Jakarta is considered probably the second-most expensive city to study and live in the South East Asia right after Singapore. Bali is another expensive place to stay in Indonesia, however the food is affordable and cheap at all these places and students don’t have to pay much for it.

All international students require a visa to study in Indonesia and getting the visa is a good three-stage process. The process first involves getting a cultural or social visit visa. A student visa can be only issued once the student is in Indonesia.

Cultural or social visit visa in Indonesia

The cultural or social visit visas are for those students who wish to undertake training or research, or take part in various student exchange schemes. This type of visa is for a single-entry visa which is valid for a period of 60 days maximum. Students who apply for this kind of visa would require providing a registration letter from their respective educational institute in Indonesia and also an evidence letter showing that all the necessary fees of the institution have been paid in advance.

Student visa for Indonesia

The student once reaches the country must fill an application to the Immigration Head Office for getting their visa for social visit converted to a student visa. Another stay permission is required for them which are known as the temporary or limited stay permission. The student should contact the College or University Administration Office which will guide them in a proper way. The limited stay permit and the student visa will be issued by the Regional Immigration office which is valid up to 12 months. Later the extension can be granted up to four 12 months.
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